The project of revising the 1744 Ostervald Bible was initiated, and still nowadays conducted, in 1996 by Pastor Mario Monette. This endeavor would have not been possible without the Lord’s enablement, as well as the help of collaborators too numerous to list.

Pasteur Monette's testimony

Mario Monette was born in Quebec, a French province of Canada in North America, and raised in the Catholic faith. Growing up, he had the opportunity to attend a private boarding high school, centered on languages such as French, English, Latin and Greek. He picked up the English language from his youth as his parents brought him to the United States almost every year.

At the age of 26 years old, Mario had the blessing of being invited to a Baptist Church where he eventually got saved, baptized, and trained for the ministry. His pastor was an American missionary who was a strong believer that the King James Bible was the preserved Word of God for the English speaking people. This enabled Mario to perfect his understanding of the English language, and allowed him to understand how important and superior is the King James Bible in the understanding of the doctrine of Christ and of His church.

His ordination to the ministry

Under the teachings and leadership of his pastor, Mario became an eager student of the truth and was sent out of his home church in 1982 to start “South Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church“ for which he has been the pastor ever since it was organized in 1986. The Lord has allowed Pastor Monette to preach the gospel on 5 continents through the years, which enabled him to see the crying need for a good translation for the French-speaking people.

We thank God for preparing us “for such a time as this “. He gave us the knowledge, the capacity, and the resource to deliver a good and dependable version of the Bible to the French community in the world.