We know that we live in a day and age where there is much confusion as to whether the Bible is truly God's Word.

Many have tampered with it, some with the good intention of making the Bible more understandable to the masses of believers. Unfortunately, in doing so, they have changed the words chosen by God and weakened the text and often even changing its meaning. We believe, as it says in the last chapter of the last book of the scriptures, that if we add or take away anything from this blessed book, that it will bring a curse on us.

It is obvious that christianity has changed a lot as a result of that, and it was our desire to bring back the words of God, from the original text, into the Bible again, that people may regain the confidence that the Bible is still the Word of God today. In order to do that, we have gone through the New Testament, verse by verse, to verify each word and make sure that they were God's words without personal preferences or interpretations.

We want to help the pastors who preach and teach from the French translation to see and believe that they have the preserved Word of God. This was no small task and by God's grace we have finished in 2014 the revision of the New Testament. We plan on making it available here as well once the project completed.